Another Year, Another Set of Commitments

It's 2019 and I only started writing this one after the first week of the year. So many things happened last year that I want to blog about but didn't have the time. I have my ups in the early parts of the year but suddenly went downhill until the year ended. I have kept to myself how depressed and frustrated I am on many occasions with sudden outbursts on social media. I failed to keep my so called commitments of last year because of what happened. Now it's a new year, and I'm thinking now what should I do to make it up for lost time and opportunity.

During mid-December I began exercising not for reason of getting fit, but to instill a sense of discipline of doing one thing everyday with consistency. I'm happy to share that it worked. I worked on increasing the time I exercise. I started with a 15 minute routine, worked up to 30, 45, now I'm hitting 60! It feels great! With that alone,it has given me the motivation on improving myself.

The other thing I need to fix is my sleep cycle. I sleep close to sunrise and wake close to noon. Some nights I read a book but most of the time it's wasted on procrastination over the internet. It's hardly calling it productive when you're reading things on the internet. Whether it's programming, geopolitics, or current events. However I noticed that I can pick up things very easily. This could probably reduce the time of learning a new thing in the future. Surprised a good thing came out of it.

I'm very much excited for things to happen in 2019 even with my sad and sorry state.

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