2018's Bang

It’s the start of 2018 and I need to get a hold of my shit and move on with regrets from last year. I said numerous times to myself, I should start blogging and whatever for the past 2 or 3 years but get distracted along the way. Now I’m doing it for real. The content I’ll be publishing from this blog isn’t only limited to technology, but will also include, daily rants, shits and giggles, and your day-to-day experience of living a lie. It will take some time for the mannerism of writing to kick in but starting and immersing yourself early helps a lot.

What do?

I have a lot of plans in store for 2018 but I’ll start it off with a multiple city backpacking trip in Japan. The cities I’ll be visiting are Osaka, Nara, Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Yokohama, and lastly Tokyo. I know it’s going to be a logistical nightmare but that’s the point of this vacation. To unwind and get a fresh start for the year. Hopefully I can document everything in any possible downtime (riding a train, or a bus, or in the plane).

You may be also be wondering, how does my itinerary look like? The worst part is, I don’t have any. I’ll just make it up along the way as getting too much organized strains my flexibility. The only thing I’ll be keeping in mind is the time for transportation. Don’t wanna miss a ride out of tardiness.

Other than traveling I’ll think about what to do to become more productive.

What’s next?

Among other things I’m stepping out from the usual day-to-day routine I’m always accustomed to. Becoming more productive in work is an understatement; but come to think of it if you won’t invest yourself in something else, what’s the point of living? I will never be working myself to death.

need an explanation here There are at least five areas of interest I will do for 2018.

  • Linguistics
  • History
  • Arts
  • Health
  • Moar Skillz

A lot of people will say it's easy said than done. Yes, that is unfortunately true. That’s why I’ll be pushing myself to do so. Past and recent work made it possible for me to embark in this personal endeavour.

To start off, linguistics. As the Philippines is getting its fair share of tourism. A lot of foreigners are now flocking the streets of the Philippines to learn English or as they say ESL or English as a Second Language. Sure English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a major language in the Philippines but if you're planning to travel every now and then. Knowing the local language gives an added bonus of the whole experience you're buying. Not to mention it opens new opportunities in that language whether it may be for social or academic purposes.

Second is History. There are several reasons why getting into history is a good thing. Amongst all of them the best reason is, perspective. Throughout the ages the human race as a species made remarkable advancements in numerous fields of interests. Knowing the history in-between gives you a better perspective in solving not only on daily matters but also can make positive benefits in a macro perspective.

Third is the Arts. The thing that makes us human, without it we wouldn't have an identity of ourselves. That goes further without explanation. Plain and simple.

Fourth is Health. In 2017 I'm much of a fucking slob to take care of myself. This made me bed ridden for days on end and without a proper healthy regiment to stick to, I might be killing myself slowly, lol.

And lastly, mooooaarr skillz. 2017 made me stagnant as hell. I wasn't able to pick up more technical skills even if I wanted to. I have to cope up with depression because of this. Gunning for more will make me juggle around with different kinds of workload. So last year I bought a Thinkpad X320 for that. It's a digital nomad's modular workhorse, thinking about the possibilities of what I can do and learn just by tinkering with it. Ha!

With everything said, I'm hoping for the best in 2018. Old habits die hard but if we really want to change for the best, it takes will, determination, and perseverance.

Happy New Year!
Maligayang Bagong Taon!
Malipayong Bag-ong Tuig!

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