How Are We Looking At?

Recently I've been putting a lot of time and resources on a certain project that nearly consumed all of the time that is supposedly to be allocated in writing and and other things. As much as I want to continue studying, I could only do so an hour per day on weekdays due to the mental demands of the project.

I'm only writing this to say that I'm still working on the blogpost from my recent trip. Though I should prioritize certain things but in order to do that, I'll have to sacrifice others. Sleep would be one of them. My sleep would average around 6~8 hours a day depending on the things I'm supposed to do but it could go over that because I feel drowsy for the most part. Though one effective measure if you want to get right up as soon as your eyes open is to drink a lot of water before you sleep. It would become a reflex to get up and take a piss, getting rid of the drowsiness.

Most of the good parts are in the upcoming post so it's just a matter of prioritizing time and effort to finish it out. And hopefully not forgetting important feats from it.

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