Losing A Phone.

Losing another phone due tp your own clumsiness would be a lame excuse but there's no other excuse I can think of right now. To put it simply, I lost it, and I blame my casual clumsiness.

I'm worried about the data my phone carries. Contemplating on how I secured my phone leaving sensitive data behind is a total bummer to think of. Not to mention the phone numbers that were lost are recovery numbers in many of my accounts, including banking. And it's scaring the shit out of me.

Now my mind is not resting speculating my own lapses and how to avoid making such mistakes in the future. I always leave the benefit of a doubt to whomever may have gotten it as there are certain documents containing sensitive data, and images with the same regard which are also geo-tracked. Those two things alone will make you sweat endlessly from anxiety if a tech savvy bastard took a hold of it.

I can only pray in recovering the phone numbers lost in the morning after getting a new phone. The only strong case I currently have are past transactions with those numbers and the platforms they're integrated into. It matters not, I simply have to learn from it and move on.

P.S. Thankfully writing this made me sleepy.

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