Forward to 2020

Summing 2019 can be simplified with a single sentence; a myriad of experiences filled with ups and downs, soul searching, and worldview rejuvenation. Frankly I’ve gone through a lot during the year as there are times as it was very much soul crushing, and as much as there was salvation in it. Lots of times I told myself to write it down to reflect, only to end up getting roadblocked of what exactly to write about.

I’m tired of putting up a facade to say I’m doing fine. I think looking back to the past is the hardest part to put into writing. Even though the hardest things can also be the ones that let us break free of its own chains.

As the new year dawns upon me on the sight of the first sunrise. I made a promise to myself to become better than what I was in these past few years. This alone brought peace to my mind and gave me something to look forward to throughout the year, and just maybe, in the years to come.

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