Migrating The Blog

Ever since I started this blog, I always hosted it on a VPS and use conventional wisdom of system administration in running and maintaining it as a whole. Even while using AWS under Lightsail, the methodology stayed the same. Now times have changed and I wouldn't have enough time to do all of the painstaking tasks by hand, ever again.

In doing DevOps while ever getting good at it. I'll be migrating the blog to use what AWS has to offer. I know it's gonna be expensive so I'll be keeping the budget of a bare minimum of at least $10~20/month. Currently I already migrated the box from using Lightsail to EC2 behind an ELB with an SSL cert from ACM enabled.

The goal of this migration is to do the following

  • Compartmentalize infrastructure dependencies from appplication dependencies
  • Management of the whole mini-blog-infrastructure in source control
  • Achieve fault tolerance with only notification for incidents and not human intervention

And that's it! This project will be fun while keeping my mind fresh of the bleeding edge technology out there. Updates will surely be posted along with any problems encountered and a postmortem to wrap everything up.

Update 2019-09-03

I have to remove the ELB after the figuring out the cost would go over my budget. As an alternative I've decided to proxy the traffic through Cloudflare and adding its IPv4 ranges to a new security group. It's currently done manually so I have to figure out a way to automate adding/removing the list either by calling a Lambda endpoint or a cron job inside the instance.

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